Tuesday, 9 May 2017


Wednesday, 5 April 2017

The Psychic Choice Radio Network, is a name given to two Psychic Mediumship live
Radio Broadcasting Stations, delivering Free on air Psychic Spiritual Readings using the Platform of 
Broadcasting only over the Internet, there are two Studio's.

Times for are shows occasionally vary, depending upon the type of show being broadcast and whether it hosted (Meaning Own Show). 
Or with a Scheduled Guest, Studio 2 is usually Nightly @ 9 PM with regular Guests.
although more People are now being invited to Start and host there own Shows this has brought about some time changes.

In Studio 1 Each Monday of Every Week we have a different host now bringing you there own show @ various times.

Also on the 1st Wednesday of Every Month, our Morning show changes into our Studio 2
this makes way for the late Night Time Show as hosted by Becky Krogen
as Ken CEO "The Psychic Choice Radio Network", lives in the UK.
I hope this makes sense to you all,as only one show a Day can be Broadcast from any one Studio.

Line Ups for STUDIO 1 April 2017 are http://wp.me/p6jnUD-9a

Line Ups for STUDIO  2 April 2017 are http://wp.me/p6jnUD-a1